Nevadd Eleanor is named after Eleanor Clare Jones-Mortimer. Eleanor was born Eleanor Hippisley at Ston Easton in Somerset in October 1874. She married Cuthbert Bevan Jones-Mortimer in April 1903


After her marriage she lived at Bryn Eisteddfod, in the Conway valley and at Wygfair in St Asaph where she died in October 1927 aged 53


The Archbishop of Wales conducted her funeral and she was buried in Llanfair . Her husband then moved to Plas Newydd and built Neuadd Eleanor in memory of his wife.


She gave birth to one son, Hugh Maurice Carstairs in 1908. He subsequently had three children, Maurice, Joanne and Lorraine.


On the death of Maurice in 2007 the family gave the funeral donations to the village hall. This money was put towards the costs of upgrading the surrounds of the hall; the work was completed the same year.


Information from research done by Jean Kellet

  • The old Llanfair village hall was a wooden hut built in 1920.

  • The first dance was held in 1921


  • It was sold to Mr Smith, Bacherig, of Llanfair D.C.


  • Neuadd Eleanor was rebuilt in 1929 as a memorial to Eleanor who died in 1927, with completion on 31st October 1929. The date 1927 is carved onto the front of the building and probably is there as a reminder of the year of Eleanor’s death.

  • The architect was Lt. Colonel Goronwy R Griffiths and the drawings are dated August 1928.

  • The first General Meeting of the hall committee was held 11th November 1929.

  • The first Entertainment Committee (now known as the Sports Committee) was held in 1933.

  • All references in the archives DD/DM/757 and Free Press archives.


Research done by Larry Sharrock - A condensed History of Llanfair DC

This includes an account of the formal opening of the Hall and several items from The Free Press in 1929. Please click the following link if you wish to read this:


Larry Sharrock


Eleanor Clare Jones-Mortimer

Cuthbert Bevan Jones-Mortimer (left) and Eleanor Clare Jones-Mortimer (right)


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